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Training Classes 

Class Dates 

Please call or email us to reserve your spot in a class, seating is limited and classes do fill up fast. When attending a class please use the side door off of the parking lot to enter for the class rooms.  All guard classes run 9 am to 5 pm unless other wise stated. 

Pistol Permit class: 9/7/19  9/17/19 - 10/01/19 10/11/19 10/29/19

Practical Concealed Carry Class: 10/05/19

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Pistol Permit Class : This is a certified firearms safety class recognized by Erie County and the State of New York  to obtain a concealed carry pistol license in the State of New York.  We will provide you with the Erie County permit application at the time of the class. Instruction will include, helping fill out and explain Erie county application along with firearms safety and terminology. Learn firearms safety and feel confident as you take the next big step in being a Responsible firearms owner.  Must be 21 years of age at time of applying for the permit.   Class size is limited so please call to reserve your spot.  Class cost if $50.00   Sign up Now for Class 

Practical Concealed carry skills:   This course was designed to give you the skills and the knowledge for carrying firearms concealed and also to make you aware of the responsibility of carrying a firearm concealed for personal protection along with the liabilities that come with it. If you are already carrying a firearm or if you are looking to be carrying a firearm concealed you should know how to properly be deploying the firearm when needed, but most importantly, the laws around you and when you should and should not be deploying a firearm for personal protection.  Class is 5 hours but may run longer depending on class size and discussion on different subject matter. If you have a ccw weapon you are already carrying along with a holster you are using, you are welcome to bring it with so we may assist with your own firearm as well. NO LOADED FIREARMS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASS ROOM. 
Topics that will be covered but not limited to: mindset before, during and after,  types of equipment,  necessary skills for carrying a firearm,  legalities of carrying and  Article 35 use of force   $60.00