H&H Firearms Shop ‚Äč

659 ridge road Lackawanna, New York 14218

Have you been looking at buying a firearm on line or maybe from a friend? Your going to need a Federal Firearms license to transfer the weapon for you.  We handle firearms transfers everyday. For more information on how to make it easy contact us and we can explain just how easy it is . We are on file with many of the major dealers throughout the country and already a recommended dealer with them.  What does this mean for you?   When you purchase that new firearm tell them you want to use H&H Firearms shop in Lackawanna, New York. There is a pretty good possibility we will already be on file and they will ship the same day you pay.

    We also Buy, Sell and Trade firearms, paying you the fairest value on the market.  Why Keep that weapon when your not using it any more? Bring it in and let us put it in some ones hands and put money in your pocket!  We could all use a little extra money these days and we will make sure you leave happy.    Fees: 

FFL Transfers: $40.00 for handguns $25.00 for long guns and others (may be additional fees if there is more than one firearm being transferred).

Back round checks (NYS person to person) : Call for information and prices 
Ammo transfers: $15.00 

Consignment sales:

$50.00 or 10% of final sale depending on the greater of the 2. 

Gun Cleaning: $35.00
General cleaning- disassemble, clean , lubricate and reassemble. 

Boresight: $15.00
sight in scope only (no mounting)